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By Jenny Brownlees, Jun 20 2018 12:48PM

Sad facts: Consumer waste has increased more than tenfold over the 20th century—from 40 kilogrammes to 560 kilogrammes of waste per person per year. Rainforests are being cut down at a rate of 100 acres a minute, with an estimated 50,000 species inhabiting our tropical forests become extinct annually.

Every one of us can make a small change and have a positive impact. I've chosen the chicest products that are doing great things for our planet, for Byrdie. And it needed cost big bucks, prices range from £2 to £90. The feel-good factor is free.

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 22 2018 01:50PM

When I heard a device called Livia was promising to improve my monthly agony, I knew it was something I needed to try for myself.

Livia is a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine. TENS have been hugely popular since the 1960s, used to treat a host of muscular pains and conditions. TENS Units are clinically proven for pain relief, as the vibrations from the device travel to the brain faster than pain can, which “shuts off” the painful feeling, as the brain is focusing on the vibration and can’t process both.

Whilst a TENS Unit may seem like nothing new, there has never been a device developed specifically for period pain before. Livia says it has specifically designed the vibrations to alleviate the pain from menstrual cramps. The electrodes are placed over the peripheral nerves, and as well as giving instant relief, can help “activate the natural pain response by releasing beta endorphins” over time.

The brand say all you have to do is, “Turn it on, clip it on, feel the relief and get going.”

Was it a life saver or not worth the hype? Find out on Byrdie.co.uk

By Jenny Brownlees, Jan 16 2018 03:36PM

I’ve spotted belly dancing classes advertised everywhere of late, and while I hadn’t thought much of the Middle Eastern dance as a form of exercise, I was pretty intrigued.

It helps that Beyoncé and Shakira famously shook their hips in the music video for Beautiful Liar, and who can forget Bey’s famous abs belly dancing in the Baby Boy video? Perhaps it’s the Kylie Jenner effect that’s seen the rise in the trend: She has been posting multiple Snapchat videos of herself and a friend laughing and dancing captioned “Belly dancing practice!”

Even the NHS seem to be on board with the trend, adding a belly dancing tutorial to their online NHS Choices Fitness Studio hub. It’s pretty apparent that this dance style is having a real moment right now, so I decided to dive deeper into its origins and give it a go myself. Surely it can’t be that hard, can it?

Read the full article on Byrdie.co.uk now.

Thanks to Brooke at Freelance Dance

By Jenny Brownlees, Mar 20 2017 02:06PM

Princess Diana had a style so iconic that twenty years after her death, Kensington Palace is dedicating an exhibition to 'The People's Princess' and her famous clothing. Diana: Her Fashion Story, is open now until 2018.

I loved Diana's style, particularly this bold red and pink look from her trip to Kuwait in1989.

I wrote about my love of Diana's style, where to spot the colour clashing trend on the catwalk and how to get the look on the High Street for The Debrief. You can read the piece here, and don't worry if you're a colour-phobe like me, there's something for you too!

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 24 2017 06:26PM

For this 5 From... post I will chart my refound love for good ol' M&S.

From time to time we can get stuck in a shopping rut, myself included. On paper (and vocally) I champion the tactics of 'constantly shopping around', scouring vintage stores and trying different brands when on the hunt for new garms. Sometimes however, you get used to a certain store's jeans not making your bum look too bad and before you know it you can do an automated loop around your local High Street. Topshop for t-shirts, H&M for jumpers, Warehouse for dresses - job done.

I'm a huge, huge fan of the High Street but admit I haven't shopped in Marks and Spencer (if you exclude Food on the Move - I mean, who doesn't love that British institution. I could write a whole post on M&S' food department, aka The Mecca) since my school uniform days. I've picked up tights here and there, I adore their homeware (good mugs people, good mugs) cards - yes, diaries - always. Clothes? I would often wandered straight past. Until now.

I realise I'm (fashionably) late to this party, but Marks and Spencer's Womenswear is having a moment. The brand has had a fashion over hall in recent years, mainly to achieve exactly what I've discussed above, to attract new customers who don't think the clothing is 'for them'. You'll find M&S pieces on the pages of all the top magazines of late, Fashion Editors can't get enough of the slick designs and great price points. The Alexa Chung Collection was another move that had M&S flexing its fashion muscles. I will forever mourn that velvet 'Vicar' dress I missed out on buying.

I thought it was high time I got in on the action and headed to my local store. The Limited Collection and Autograph were the lines I coveted most. The pieces fit me well; sizing seemed true to the label unlike other High Street stores where I sometimes feel they've picked the label at random. The clothes were well made but affordable. I quickly realised there wasn't just one or two pieces I'd wear, but many things I wanted in my wardrobe ASAP.

I bought a camel coloured tie waist shirt dress from Autograph, a pinstripe blazer (note my attempt at a selfie, above) and a monochrome 40s style mini dress from Limited Collection. As this was a month or so back, each piece has sadly sold out but browsing online it didn't take me long to add 5 more pieces to my wish list.

1. This striped jumper is tres Gucci. Flared sleeves too, double trend points.

2. Up to now I don't own anything yellow, but the current collections have me leaning towards anything mustard. At £35 this belted utility skirt is a great way to wear the trend

3. I adore the rust hue of this asymmetric satin dress. Wear with a polo neck under and flats for the day, add heels and earrings for the evening.

4. This polka dot tunic dress summs up an easy morning outfit for me; I know I could throw it on with black loafers and a leather jacket and be out the door.

5. Fushia and oversized sleeves? I'm sold.

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