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By Jenny Brownlees, Jun 20 2018 12:48PM

Sad facts: Consumer waste has increased more than tenfold over the 20th century—from 40 kilogrammes to 560 kilogrammes of waste per person per year. Rainforests are being cut down at a rate of 100 acres a minute, with an estimated 50,000 species inhabiting our tropical forests become extinct annually.

Every one of us can make a small change and have a positive impact. I've chosen the chicest products that are doing great things for our planet, for Byrdie. And it needed cost big bucks, prices range from £2 to £90. The feel-good factor is free.

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 26 2018 08:28PM

On Who What Wear today, I'm making a case for "Mom shops"

I'm going to guess that these brands aren't rated as highly on your fashion radar--on a shopping trip, they are most likely the stores you simply “don’t look in.” I'm going to urge you to venture from a strict shopping path, as I think you'll be as surprised and delighted as I was at the fashion on offer:

Perhaps you wouldn’t buy every single item from the following stores, but isn’t that true of any brand? What is guaranteed is that you’re missing out on a whole host of delights by omitting them. I often find the below brands offer superior fit and comfort. The focus is on well-cut silhouettes and quality of fabric as much as it is on trends.

The way we shop is changing, with supermarket clothing brands upping their style credentials to compete with high-street retailers. In fact, they contribute £3.1 billion to annual UK clothing sales and as I'm about to show you, can add a trendy update to your wardrobe without you spending big. Similarly, 'catologue' brands Boden and La Redoute are shedding their yummy-mummy image and are fast becoming fashion blogger favourites.

To read the full article and shop my must-have pieces, head over to Who What Wear now.

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 22 2018 03:41PM

Photography: Jenny Brownlees

There's something so relaxing about burning a candle. Whether you're chilling out watching some feel-good TV or reading in the bath, the flicker of a flame and a beautiful scent can instantly lift your mood. Sure, you could buy a candle in the shops, but creating you very own personalised version is even better.

Making something yourself is so satisfying, plus you can customise everything from the jar and scent to the label. Even better, they make a super-thoughtful gift for a friend or a lovely pick-me-up from you to, well, you. This version can be made for under £10, so at this time of year when money is tight and the weather is rubbish, why not give it a try?

Head over to Byrdie.co.uk to find out how it's made (in just 10 easy steps).

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 22 2018 02:21PM

Images: Jenny Brownlees

I teamed up with the lovely Charlotte Jacklin of Betty Magazine to show you how to embellish a collar for S/S 18.

We were pretty taken with Gucci’s shining catwalk offerings this season, with embellished coats, collars and cuffs. The 70s vibe reined on, with exaggerated pointed collars added to tops, dresses and shirts. Now, for less than a fiver you can create your own statement piece, the best bit? It takes less than 20 minutes.

Follow my 10 easy steps to shiny shirt greatness, on Betty Magazine today

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 22 2018 01:50PM

When I heard a device called Livia was promising to improve my monthly agony, I knew it was something I needed to try for myself.

Livia is a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine. TENS have been hugely popular since the 1960s, used to treat a host of muscular pains and conditions. TENS Units are clinically proven for pain relief, as the vibrations from the device travel to the brain faster than pain can, which “shuts off” the painful feeling, as the brain is focusing on the vibration and can’t process both.

Whilst a TENS Unit may seem like nothing new, there has never been a device developed specifically for period pain before. Livia says it has specifically designed the vibrations to alleviate the pain from menstrual cramps. The electrodes are placed over the peripheral nerves, and as well as giving instant relief, can help “activate the natural pain response by releasing beta endorphins” over time.

The brand say all you have to do is, “Turn it on, clip it on, feel the relief and get going.”

Was it a life saver or not worth the hype? Find out on Byrdie.co.uk

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 22 2018 01:45PM

Illustration: Ben Giles in collberation with Harry Fletcher

To make 2018 a healthier and more productive year, ee suggest treating yourself to a wellness book (or two) to help you feel more positive, relaxed and motivated.

Wellness is so much more than taking the time to put on a good face mask or running yourself a long, hot bath with your favourite aromatherapy oils. Whilst they’re great little self-care rituals, if you are wanting to delve a bit deeper into the wellness world (from being more mindful to recipes that’ll have your skin glowing), these books are must-reads.

Even though these books are about much more than looks alone, we must say our inspiring picks are all pretty good-looking too—they’re just begging for a #shelfie pic.

Check out my 13 picks on Byrdie, now

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 22 2018 01:39PM

Image: Kristin Ess

There are currently 40,000 hairdressing, barbering and beauty businesses in the UK. However, registering under the Register of Qualified Hairdressers is entirely voluntary in the hairdressing profession.

The Hair and Barber Council believes state registration should be mandatory to ensure hairdressers meet the high standards set by a professional body. The registration also helps to ensure that clients aren't given poor service. After expressing these concerns to MPs the council is now calling on the government to change the law on hairdressing registration. In a report of 2000 people surveyed, 70% of respondents said they would be concerned if their hairdresser or barber was not properly trained and qualified. Llanelli MP and Shadow Wales Minister Nia Griffith recently led a debate in parliament asking the government put in place compulsory state registration for all hairdressers.

Before I found a great hairdresser (although I hadn't had a terrible experience per se), I hadn't been overly impressed by the service I received. I had tried hairdressers at different price points, brands and salons but never felt that they understood what I wanted. No matter my desires, I seemed to come out each time with a few blonde highlights. Even upon paying more to be seen by a salon director, I was passed from person to person and never enjoyed the salon experience.

Then I found Christopher Fox, who truly makes going to the hairdressers a delightful experience. Fox is a L'Oréal colour specialist and owns his own salon, so each appointment is private; it's only ever himself and an assistant present (with you as the only client in the salon). Chris always insists on a consultation and spends time at my appointments asking all about my routine. He also asks which celebrities' hair trends I do and don't like and the products I use every day.

Since I trust him with my tresses, I sat Fox down to get the inside info on what one should be looking for in a hairdresser.

Read the full article on Byrdie.co.uk now

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