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This Device Promises to End Period Pain - I Put It to the Test

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 22 2018 01:50PM

When I heard a device called Livia was promising to improve my monthly agony, I knew it was something I needed to try for myself.

Livia is a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine. TENS have been hugely popular since the 1960s, used to treat a host of muscular pains and conditions. TENS Units are clinically proven for pain relief, as the vibrations from the device travel to the brain faster than pain can, which “shuts off” the painful feeling, as the brain is focusing on the vibration and can’t process both.

Whilst a TENS Unit may seem like nothing new, there has never been a device developed specifically for period pain before. Livia says it has specifically designed the vibrations to alleviate the pain from menstrual cramps. The electrodes are placed over the peripheral nerves, and as well as giving instant relief, can help “activate the natural pain response by releasing beta endorphins” over time.

The brand say all you have to do is, “Turn it on, clip it on, feel the relief and get going.”

Was it a life saver or not worth the hype? Find out on Byrdie.co.uk

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